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Come Join us in Celebrating the Legend of Chris LeDoux with Rodeo and Music June 15th 2024!!!

The What, Where, When and How to get great Chris LeDoux Merchandise and tickets!!!

The 13th Annual Chris LeDoux Days will be held in Kaycee, Wyoming, June 14-15, 2024! We have an excellent concert lineup this year with; Ned LeDoux, Kyle Park and Patrick W Stafford. Wristbands are on sale now at,
So, get to planning your trip to the hills of Kaycee, Wyoming and we will see you soon! Stay tuned to our socials and as we update the schedule as the event draws closer. 
We are also having a Chris LeDoux Days merch (jacket, hat, tshirt, etc.) giveaway if you pre-order by June 1st! There will be 5 total winners and those lucky 5 will be notified by email as we get closer to our event! Stay tuned to our socials and for more updates.

Live Music From Ned LeDoux,  Kyle Park, and Patrick W Stafford with his Full Tilt band !!

One Night only In Kaycee, Wyoming!  One Night Only in Johnson County!  The 2024 Chris LeDoux days!


Come Listen to Patrick W Stafford and the Full Tilt band!!

Come Listen to new Music from Stafford's new album and get your hands on some one of a kind Merchandise !  Here's your chance to get Patrick W Stafford Hats and Shirts!


Come to Kaycee! See Beautiful Johnson County!   Come and Visit the true West!!!

Go home with treasure from the Rusty spur! "354 Nolan Ave, Kaycee, Wy"  A chance to have something special from the LeDoux legacy!  June 15th 2024!  Only In Kaycee, Wyoming!!!

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Chosen the Number one Country song of 2022 by KB Country Radio!  We are Proud to bring this award home to the state of Wyoming.

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"RIDE OF VENGEANCE"  The number 1 Song on the Independent top 25 Country Countdown in Ontario Canada.   Thanks to KB country!!   Click this picture to hear the new single "Ride of Vengeance" This song is a cross between The Good the Bad and the Ugly  and  Josey Wales Meets something out of an old Gunsmoke story.  Of course we were able to sneak in some rocking guitar, great bass and drums because that's what we love to do. Sittting with my grandfather as a child listening to Marty Robbins Gun fighter ballads I have always had a soft spot for a good western story.  This is all of that.  Hear a story of Vengeance, Revenge, and Justice.  Join me in this wester tale of Revenge! Enjoy my new song "Ride of Vengeance".
Patrick W Stafford

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WSA Award Winning Song "Love Like Sweet Honey"

Best Traditional Country Song of fall 2021

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The New Single "Love Like Sweet Honey"

Watch The new Official Video For "Love Like Sweet Honey"!   Click The Link to watch now!!!!

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New Single!  "Love And Do It Again" 

New Music by Patrick W Stafford

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Music is Friendship!  Listen to my favorite music and catch a few of my songs while doing it!

I Love music!  Listen to my Spotify Playlist!!!

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Full Tilt and Wyoming Proud

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Vintage Records

Music Stations that support Patrick W Stafford

Links to Station players

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CBJ Radio!  They Played it first and they still Play Patrick W Stafford!


95.5 My Country


Listen to Taff Every Tuesday night 7-9pm


CatorWebRadio Web Page


KIX FM Listen Live!!

 If You would like to donate to the Dream of making The "Full Tilt" album on Vinyl, please press below to donate by Pay-Pal.  As soon as the goal is reached the donations will be shut down.   Full Tilt or go home!!!  Any donations are appreciated.  Thank You!!!

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About the Singer

Giving the world a little Wyoming Country!

Hello Friends.   I'm Patrick W Stafford.  Thanks for taking your time to read about my life and my music. I have lived in Wyoming my entire life.  I have been writing songs since the early 90s.  In 2015 I started playing my songs I had written on YouTube.  This was my New Years resolution.  I said I would sing one of my songs every month on YouTube for a year!  Pretty much the best New Years resolution I have ever completed.  12 songs that I had already written.  A funny thing happened.   Instead of the 12 songs I was going to do, I ended up writing new music.   In 2016 I released my first single “The Wyoming Way”.  That helped me to get an idea what I was doing.   In 2017 I released my first album “Full Tilt”.  It has helped to get my music out into the world.  All my songs I have personally written.  I’m proud of all of them.  It’s a pleasure to share them with the world.  In October of 2018 I opened for The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.   What a fantastic experience opening up in front of your home town crowd at the Casper Event Center.  “Beer In The Fridge” is my latest single.   It's basically a song saying “hey I’m doing alright and I’m doing ok”.  Just like the song says.  Simple things in life make us happy.  The love of a good dog.  A beer in the fridge.   The little things man!! My  newest single will be out 01/10/20.  It's called "As Long As You stay gone".  So I’m sharing it with the world.   Lots of inspiration!  Lots of blessings!  God bless this state of Wyoming I live in.   "Music is friendship!" That's what I always say!   "Full Tilt"or go home.   Thanks my friends!
Patrick W Stafford

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Casper, WY, USA

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