Click this picture to hear the new single "Ride of Vengeance" This song is a cross between The Good the Bad and the Ugly  and  Josey Wales Meets something out of an old Gunsmoke story.  Of course we were able to sneak in some rocking guitar, great bass and drums because that's what we love to do. Sittting with my grandfather as a child listening to Marty Robbins Gun fighter ballads I have always had a soft spot for a good western story.  This is all of that.  Hear a story of Vengeance, Revenge, and Justice.  Join me in this wester tale of Revenge! Enjoy my new song "Ride of Vengeance".
Patrick W Stafford


WSA Award Winning Song "Love Like Sweet Honey"

Best Traditional Country Song of fall 2021


The New Single "Love Like Sweet Honey"

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New Single!  "Love And Do It Again" 

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Full Tilt and Wyoming Proud

As Long As You Stay Gone by Patrick W Stafford

As Long As You Stay Gone by Patrick W Stafford

Hello to everyone who is watching this video! This is my new song "As Long As You Stay Gone!!" First of all Go to and vote for me for Music writer of January 2020. If it's after January 2020 never mind it's to late. Ha!!! This Video is something that I have wanted to do for some time. We recorded this song in Casper, Wyoming. If you're from Wyoming you probably understand how hard it can be to get a band together to record a song. Sometimes Impossible! This song started out as a song to say "I'm OK", but it grew into what it is now. It has a fast pace and a quick train beat! It was never meant to be negative, but just fun. So if your watching and listening sit back an enjoy the ride and have fun!!!!! This song is What every song writer dreams of. A song that is recorded with his band. Ty on Drums, Michael on Lead Guitar and Bunce on Bass. This is how I thought the song would sound. Without these guys I could have never done this song. I could have never made the idea inside my head come alive. I'm eternally grateful for your friendships. So thanks to The Patrick W Stafford Full Tilt Band!!! We had such a fun time recording it I didn't want it to end. Now thanks to my good friends at for mixing our raw tracks. You gentlemen know music and it's an honor to work with you. When you find someone who gets your ideas and will listen to what you want you should always say THANK YOU!!!! Now for the guy who did the video!! I had an idea to make this video, but I needed someone who understood what I wanted to do. Someone who would listen, but be creative enough to take it the extra distance. In walked Jarrett Rue. An independent film maker with a dream of being able to make magic all the time. Jerrett listened to my ideas and built on-top of that. I couldn't have asked for a better person to do the video. Jerrett you are a gifted film maker! Dream big Jerrett you are amazing and you're only going to get better!!!!! Check out his skateboard business at . Yes he also has a skateboard company and is a film maker. Thank You Jerrett! The best thing about this video is not only did we get to have fun, but I also got to do it with my friends. Friendship is everything! When you have it you can take on the world!!! So thank you to all of my friends who are in the video!!!! Last, but not least I wanted to thank my family for doing this with me. When your family loves you the world is yours! Thank you boys and thank you to my wife Shireen. Woman thanks for your unconditional love. I know being married to a dreamer can be hell some times, but you have put up with it all these years. Thanks for dreaming with me! God bless Wyoming!! what a hell of a place to live in!!!! Music is Friendship!!! Full Tilt My Friends or go home. Enjoy Friends!!!! Patrick W Stafford NEXT!
Full Tilt by Patrick W Stafford

Full Tilt by Patrick W Stafford

FULL TILT is the second video for the album FULL TILT. This is the Title song for the Album. I'm celebrating one year since the album release. This is one of my favorite songs I have written. We were able to shoot the live video from the gig at the Casper Event Center. Thanks to the Sinclair Refinery and Sinclairtix. I would also like to thank The Gaslight for the use of the filming location. "Cool Bar!!!!" And last but not least the new David street station! What a beautiful place for the people of Casper to enjoy! Thank You all!!! I would like to thank the Fire On Band Or how people have been calling it "The Full Tilt band" Michael, Bunce and Ty. I would also like to thank Zakk Denton for building this video and Madison for her great acting. I always had an idea for this video and Zakk made it come to life. I hope everyone likes this little piece of Casper Wyoming. Thanks to for playing my music day in and day out!!!! Thanks again to the sound studio in Casper, CrashSmith studios in Casper and last, but not least to all my good friends with Without the help of everyone this dream of music would not have come true. Thank You if you have bought my album as a CD or on iTunes, Spotify or any digital download. Bless you all!!!!!!! "FULL TILT" or go home. Music is friendship and God Bless the Beautiful state of Wyoming that I live in and call my home!!!!
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